Dynamic layer printing settings

Thanks to its embedded sensor, Horus S1 measures key parameter of the print and adapt printing settings in real time

Smart release

The vat of Horus S1 integrated a
unique system which drastically
reduces printing efforts, allowing
more productivity and more reliability

Fully automated calibration

No more human intervention, the printer calibrated itself at the beginning of each print

Layer by layer printing

Horus S1 optimize printing time by setting each layer lift parameters (distance and speed) individually

Continuous resin feeding and resin level detection

Horus S1 integrates a tank containing an additional 1L of resin. Any lack of resin will be reported before the print

Dental models vertical setup

Resin : Nyte3D Model Grey
Print time : 40 minutes
Layer height : 100 µm

Dental models horizontal setup

 Resin : Nyte3D Model Sand
 Print time : 20 minutes
 (30 minutes for 50 µm)
 Layer height : 100 µm

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Horus 3d Copyright 2023©


Horus 3d Copyright 2023©

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